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Fisher 37 "SUPERSAM"

The Fisher 37 is the epitome of the large, powerful motor sailer. Over one hundred and forty have been built since her introduction in 1973. Over this period the interior layout and rig have evolved into what many owners today would say is the best motor sailer of its type. Under sail, or powered by her 100 hp engine, this boat will take you safely and in comfort to any destination around the world. Fisher 37’s have sailed more miles than most and her distinctive profile will be found in any of the oceans around the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. 


Our Fisher 37 "SUPERSAM" is ketch, built in 1979 in Southampton, UK. In 2022 the boat was completly reconstructed in Marina Lošinj by Gumicentar for Sailing Academy Lošinj where is used as a school boat.

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